A True Story of Life in the Spirit…

During his years as a Benedictine monk, Tom Veitch formed lasting friendships with two spiritual visionaries, both who were former Trappists. As he approached his time of dying, one of those men, whose religious name was Elias, agreed to discuss in depth the whole extent of his spiritual life, covering a period of more than fifty years.

Here, for the first time, Elias reveals how God came to him in dream and vision, moving him to abandon the world and take up the devotional life of a cloistered monk. He shares his investigations of the teachings of the East and his extensive involvement with the writings of C.G. Jung and with Jungian analysis. Finally, as he approaches death, Elias describes how he finds himself at peace with God and already immersed in the reality of the afterlife.

This book is no fantasy — it’s the real deal. Patiently, and with considerable wisdom, Elias laid out for Tom not only the experiences themselves, but his thoughts about them based on a life-long study of theology, psychology and the great religions both west and east.

Profound, but not a solemn book, The Visions of Elias is laced throughout with humor and a lightness of tone. As Elias said, he wasn’t setting out to preach. He just wanted to tell his story for the record, for he knew that soon he would be going to the One who calls us all, and leaving this world forever.

ISBN 10: 069268302X
ISBN 13: 978-0692683026


Brattleboro Reformer, August 6, 2016